carnivorous bog plants ("did you say....carnivorous?")

container bog gardenMost of the carnivorous plants will be planted in groupings in containers ready to enjoy in a sunny spot outdoors. A few will be planted for sale individually. All grow in bogs so containers are lined with plastic to hold in moisture and make care quite easy. Some of these plants are fully hardy in central Ohio some are marginal, therefore we recommend giving the containers some winter protection. Directions with purchase

bog garden care

Keep wet at all times. Water with rain or distilled water. Tap water won't kill your plants immediately but will cause the build up of harmful minerals and alter the pH over time. If the soil dries out the plants will die. The container has a liner to hold in the moisture, which makes caring for your garden quite simple. Do not fertilize or feed your plants meat. Insects are naturally attracted to carnivorous plants and provide all the nutrients needed. Pitchers will close and turn brown once they are "full". To keep a few pitchers looking fresh you can put a small piece of cotton in the tube to prevent insects from entering. Expect a new flush of leaves (pitchers) in spring and again in late summer. The plants included in this bog garden are cold hardy in Central Ohio but will require some protection in winter to prevent the pot from freezing. Place container in a garage or other protected place so the plants will be cold enough to go dormant but not freeze the pot

typical species include:

  • pitcher plants:
    • Sarracenia purpurea - Potentially threatened species in Ohio
    • Sarracenia alata
    • Sarracenia x 'Dixie Lace'
  • sundews:
    • Drosera intermedia - Threatened species in Ohio
    • Drosera filliformis
    • Drosera capensis