Established in 1999


Rooted in Experience

Scioto Gardens was founded in 1999 by Michael and Linda Johnson. Collectively, they hold degrees in Horticulture and Natural Resources, and have a combined 90 years’ experience in the nursery industry and business operations. They grew Scioto Gardens into a nursery that provides high-quality plants with an emphasis on native plants and natural soil. Their plant passion includes unique and useful imported species, provided they are not species that may invade or harm our local environment.

Michael’s work in every area of the green industry, from garden centers to landscaping to large wholesale nurseries, allowed him to notice the nursery industry as a whole had moved toward aggressive ‘factory style’ processes that finish plants quickly. He believed the accelerated process was at the expense of long-term plant health. His observations and their combined academic training led them to the current, more natural growing methods.

In May 2019, Michael and Linda sold the nursery business to a team of partners who will carry on their legacy and allow them to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. The new group of owner-partners includes Christine Dilley, Mark Dilley, Amy Dutt, Denise Gualtiere, Penny McDowell, and Annette Wright. While there may be changes here and there, we are committed to producing high-quality plants that will awaken any landscape.

Denise Gualtiere

Nursery Operations Manager, Landscape Designer

Amy Dutt

Ecological Landscape Designer and Chemical Engineer

Christine Dilley, MBA

Business and Communications Analyst

Penny McDowell

Landscape Designer

Annette Rosati Wright

Professional Gardener, Horticultural Therapy Specialist

Mark Dilley

Professional Wetland Scientist, Certified Senior Ecologist, & Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner