Native Plant Site Services

Scioto Gardens is pleased to introduce a new division to our business - Scioto Gardens Sites. In addition to our continuing role as a premier supplier of native plants, we now offer the following Landscaping Services:

You Buy, We Plant

Installation of Scioto Gardens plants on your property at the flat rate of 50% of the total retail cost. Additional labor charges may be required if the planting area requires additional preparation. Materials such as soil, mulch, and compost may also be purchased with planting.

On-Site Consultation

Our Sites Lead, Josh Zingg, will meet you on your property for one to two hours. Common topics include existing species ID, site analysis for additional species, planning landscape enhancements, troubleshooting current or past issues, or brainstorming for new elements (hardscaping, water features, etc).

Removal Work

Manual (non-chemical) removal of invasive species (Callery Pear, Japanese Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose, etc) or undesirable species (Poison Ivy, Grapevine, etc). Dead plants can be removed and allowed to break down in the landscape or hauled away.


Routine maintenance of existing landscapes, including trimming, weeding, bed edging, mulching, and division/transplanting of perennials. Expert pruning of existing trees and shrubs, including shearing of hedges and structural pruning of trees up to 25’ tall.

Landscape Construction

Installation of new features such as raised beds, dry-stacked retaining walls, dry creek beds, flagstone patios or walkways, landscape lighting, or water features. Pricing will vary based on scale and complexity of the project and a Consultation is required prior to any new builds.

Contact Us

Contact us via email at to get a quote for Site Services. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Site Services

Josh Zingg

Josh Zingg is an ISA Certified Arborist and a Certified Permaculture Designer who has worked all over the Columbus metropolitan area. He has been associated with Scioto Gardens informally for years and came on board officially at the start of 2021. He offers consultation and personally leads all field work for Scioto Gardens Site Services. He can be reached directly with inquiries at or by phone at 614-205-2155.