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Proven durability

Scioto Gardens primarily grows plants proven to be hardy in Ohio climates to ensure their winter survival. Many popular plants are only marginally hardy in this environment and may die during frigid winters.

Proven quality

All plants are container-grown in a blend of local soil and compost, which provides a natural base of nutrients and reduces the need for additional fertilizer.

Roots push out readily into the planting soil because it is so similar to the original growing medium.

Plants are also inoculated with specialized mycorrhizal fungal spores, (mycorrhizae are living fungi that penetrate the root hairs of the plant). The fungi increase the absorptive ability of the root hairs to help bring in more water, nutrients, and minerals than they could otherwise.

We judiciously use controlled-release fertilizers to provide a steady flow of plant nutrients and minimize leaching into the environment.

We prune less drastically than most. Hard pruning can force a bushier top at the expense of root growth, which can compromise the long-term survival of the plant. We prefer to let our plants grow at a more natural pace, taking just slightly longer to be ready for market, to ensure a robust and healthy plant.

The choice of experts

Our retail consumers are often Master Gardeners, members of local garden clubs, and other people with a passion for plants and the environment. We also sell to select local garden centers, landscapers, and other design professionals.

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